Monday, June 5, 2017

A nightmare to avoid

  I had one of my important accounts hacked.  How, I probably re-used the same username and/or password across too many places, well seems one of them had a breach and they logged in to my amazon account. They changes the email, and I was locked out. I called customer service right away, but they said it will take 48 hours, but the account is locked.  I was like great, I can wait 48 hours no problem.  I then received an email from amazon that I need to call them. Ok, I call them up, just to be told, "Oh, you need to wait another 24 hours, it seems the agent failed to file your information to the correct department"  Needless to say this was after waiting 2 days for some response.  Now I'm talking about you know the huge retail company, and online services provider, that has gazillion computing power, and they need 48 or 24 or 72 hours to reset your account? I understand they outsource their support and customer care, but in this day and age, they can't afford to have, umm let's say 5 paid employees with higher privileges where ever that customer care center is, who can handle this? Naturally I took it on to twitter, and miracles do happen, I did receive an email and got it all sorted out, after 5 or 6 calls to customer support, I spoke to 2 supervisors supposedly, and chatted with their twitter bot a few times.
  The moral of the story, if you have 2 step authentication available, set it up, protect your accounts. It wasn't Amazon's fault, that I did not secure my account properly, but really 3 days to get it sorted out, even if that manager (or so called password department) was on the moon, it shouldn't take 48 hours (as they originally lied) or 72 hours. Stay secure, and use a password manager app.  Not the one that was hacked recently :)