Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cable modem/router slowness

It's been about 6 months or more since I upgraded my internet connection to double what I had.  I had a 60Mbps down and I think 15Mbps upstream.  Now I have a 120Mbps/10Mbps respectively.  Interesting enough I started using the router provided by the ISP.  I started noticing that my DNS resolution was slow, crawl basically.  So I did a local DNS cache on my machine hoping to speed things up.  It did a tiny bit, but not a significant change.. The I started google-ing harder, no concentrating on DOCSIS systems, and Cable modem/routers.  I came a cross a person who had the same issue, and the suggestion to fix it worked for me as well.  All I had to do is turn of flooding detection, and my DNS resolution became super fast, I had DNS resolution in the range of ~4000ms some sec, now it's below 100ms where it should be.  I finally feel like I have my connection that I had before the upgrade, even though it was a stupid router setting :(