Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Photo library organizing, not for chromebooks yet

 I wish one day, they create an app that you can properly download your images, select the one's you like, delete the rest, tag, and then upload to google + or where ever you want.  Second thing I wish I could easily connect my Home NAS as a drive.  Maybe there is an app for that, if someone is aware of such, please do let me know.
 Otherwise, I am totally satisfied with my Acer C720.  Perfect for surfing, quick as it starts up in 7 sec, blogging, and reading.  It's Light, and the battery lasts for a long time, I remember my now considered old notebook, had a 9 Cell battery and almost lasted 6 hours, that battery is broken, as it's almost 5 years old and it's heavy and bulky compared to this Chromebook, and I don't think I've fully used what it offered, in terms of power.  It did serve me well, and I'm still keeping it around for more heavy lifting photo editing, and transferring to my NAS.  But my every day use at home is this Chromebook.  I would recommend it to anyone who needs a general use laptop, for surfing, blogging, and actually want's a portable light package.