Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chagned Laptop OS to Sabayon

I've been thinking for a while to change distributions, Ubuntu has served me well for years, but I wanted something new.  I thought of OpenSuSe, but that's also a yearly, or by-yearly release.  This time I wanted to move to a rolling release, bleeding edge ASAP.  Kinda liked the idea.  So, now the question, which distribution, Archlinux comes to mind.  But I wanted something in between, bleeding edge, and a bit more user friendly, I'm lazy what can I say.  Ended up choosing Sabayon, sounded good, and the install went smoothly.  First boot, setup wireless, and then run the updates, now there I did something wrong, and puff the system wasn't booting to KDE anymore.  Had to connect to my router directly via network cable, bummer I know.  Then logged in to terminal and was able to run the update commands.  And now I am using the system again.  Still have a few apps that I need, like virtualbox, mount my NAS, and so on, but those are small details.  The system is stable and running, and I am enjoying it so far.  As a matter of fact, browsing is faster, I can't figure out why so far, or maybe it just feels faster???

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on an Asus E1-522

This weekend I had the fun of installing Ubuntu on this machine, well it wasn't easy. UEFI wasn't fun, had to switch to legacy. And save yourself a headache do the install with network connection, enabling the option of upgrade while installing. The ATI radeon 8830 can be tricky, the version that comes with LTS is a beta version, which will be upgraded after the first boot. The system still runs into errors here and there but it works. Shutdown doesn't work properly, some KVM errors can be fixed that show up on boot, every fix can be found on Google. The machine is OK specially for it's price.