Saturday, January 24, 2015

5 Months using a chromebook

Acer C720
  I've been using the Chromebook for 5 months now and I can say it's a successful experiment.  It is not for everyone, photo management isn't perfect on it.  And another issue I found over time, is that it doesn't fit into my backup plan, as CrashPlan doesn't support Chromebooks, or ChromeOS.  Google drive is there, but my photo archives are not there.  New photo's are on GDrive now but that is one place, which I can't say it counts as a backup plan.
  I save my photo's on my RAID1 Drives on my desktop, NAS (1 Drive NAS) and remotely to CrashPlan.  I also upload it to SmugMug, am I over securing them, yes but those pictures are precious memories that can't be brought back if lost.  The problem with Photo management on the Chromebook that I can't achieve efficiently is Tagging.
  So lately I've been contemplating re-structuring my backup plan.  I may upgrade my NAS, so that I can use it with my other devices such as Tablet, and Phone, but it needs to have 2 drives.  Once I upgrade my NAS I'll probably cancel my CrashPlan because I'm thinking of getting rid of my Desktop which currently is used by the CrashPlan client, which uploads what's mirrored from my local NAS.
  The Chromebook, and ChromeOS is a great Cloud based computer. I would recommend it for light home users, even elders, as it's low maintenance, can't accidentally install viruses, and you can't really mess up settings on it.  Worst case you do a Powerwash, and start using it with in minutes of restarting it.
  Maybe over time NAS server makers will make applications for the ChromeOS as well. We'll see.