Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gave in got an iPad

Not sure if you followed me, but I wrote in the past that I got a cheapo 7" Android tablet. I was all happy and satisfied with it in the beginning. But overtime the tablet started slowing down.  And after longer usage I started to realize that 7" is small. But that's not what annoyed me, it was the fact that even after I left it for a few minutes to sync, and update things it was slow. I couldn't open an article in flipboard, it became slow, or froze and locked up.
 Now the retina display on the iPad is sweet. Looking at pictures, and even editing on it is a pleasure not to mention battery life. In the end you get what you pay for. I wasn't expecting a performance daemon, but I wanted it to be usable. I wish you could try things for longer times, before buying. I liked the 30 day money back guarantee in the USA, even with some electronics. Though I may even be happy to pay 15% restocking fees, if I'm that unhappy with the product rather than being stuck with it. Anyhow will try to get rid of it.  Wrote this on the iPad :) and enjoyed it.