Saturday, June 1, 2013

Switched from Gnome, to KDE

Been using Gnome for the past 4 years at least, but I decided to switch to KDE after trying it again.  I seem to recall that KDE wasn't stable enough.  I must have tried it when v3 was having stability problems, and then v4 was in between as well.  Lately, I switched to the latest that comes with Ubuntu 13.04 and I like it more.  It get more tweaking, and it's pretty stable.
Gnome has become too minimalistic to my taste, although I like the approach, but too much tweaking was needed to customize it to my taste.
I also like digiKam application, it's way better than shotwell.  It's got a two pane comparison window when editing images, that is an excellent feature.  I do feel that shotwell is faster a bit, but I can live with the slowness for those options.