Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prestigio multipad 7

I've had the tablet for almost a month.  So far I like it. Fits my needs and doesn't break the bank.  No fancy Samsung, Nexus, or Apple tablet, but doesn't look cheap either. I managed to make it freez a couple of times but for this price  I didn't expect more.  If you are thinking of getting a cheaper tablet, think about your needs and uses, do you really need 3G, GPS, and more than 16GB of storage built in.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

New tablet

I've owned a tablet for the last two years.  Back then I was stuck between choosing an iPad or an Android one.  Financial reasons led me to chose Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead an iPad, and I did not regret it.  Though time passed by and now I've learned from past experience what I really use a tab for and what not.  Now this is my personal experience, may be different from yours. 
What I use the tab for:
- Reading
What I didn't use it for:
Mobile internet, basically at home or work I had WiFi' if I really need to I could share the Internet via my phone.
Navigation or GPS
This makes me think, why buy equipment that you won't use? I mean the 3G modem can be useful but GPS, navigate in the car with an 10.1 inch tablet?
I finally decided to get another tablet, this time a non brand.  Basically a Chinese brand called Prestigio, no extra stuff like sensors, GPS, or huge storage. My plan is to use it more often than my, now considered heavy Galaxy TAB, true the new tab is 7 inch, it's perfect for reading, and I hope blogging as well.  I wrote this entire post on the small tablet.  And I plan to keep this up.