Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Digital Photography workflow with my NAS

Well, finally after installing the NAS I took some pictures, as it is my hobby.  I wanted to do things the way I did before, copy the card contents to the external HD, which was previously attached to my computer, now it's HD2 of the NAS.  So, I had to adjust my workflow.  I created Folders on the computers HD directly, where I downloaded, checked, and edited the pictures, ofcourse in RAW format, once I was satisifed with them, I uploaded them to the NAS.  This way processing is much faster, I tried doing it over the network, but it's a painfull thing to do specially over a WiFi Connection (laptop).  Listening to music over the network works just fine, even watching movies.  So far I never had a problem or a stream cutting, although many reviews say this Solutions is not suiteable for streaming, in my case it works fine.  Also there are only two uses using this NAS so I on larger installtions I am sure it would behave differently.  So far it woks like a charm, my data is backed up on a weekly bases, and it's all in a centralized location.    I want to make more tests for connection speeds over the network, but I have yet to come up with a good way of doing it.  I was thinking of using iperf, while I have all the computers download some files from the NAS, over WiFi, and wire.  And once I have that data, I will post them here, if someone is interested..