Monday, April 28, 2014

Upgraded Desktop to 14.04

  As soon as Ubuntu 14.04 came out, I wanted to get the upgrade.  And the other weekend I did.  This meant a bit of instability on the first few boots, but it went away.  One thing I didn't check on, which I should have is the status of my Software RAID.  It seems after the upgrade it went out of sync, and I didn't give it time to sync up.  So yesterday, I ran an update, and accidentally thought of checking my Disk status.  And that's why the system was bit hung.
  My desktop is a bit of a mix.  I use GNOME, and KDE, my wife uses GNOME.  This sometimes causes conflicts, on my desktop.  I am hoping to clear those up.  For example, I can't properly run a distro upgrade from KDE, I had to login it GNOME, where I was able to upgrade my system, not sure why, but it worked this way.  Is upgrading worth it, so far I haven't seen the benefits, except that digiKam is the upgraded version, which I am happy for.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Testing pictures upload

This is just an experiment of posting an image