Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sound lost after an update on my Inspiron 1318

I did the usual update using Yast. guess what, my sound was gone. It sounded like the speaker was gone, really low sound, barely hearable. I've had speakers burn on me, and boy this sounded like that. I went to the forums, nothing about an Inspiron 1318 losing sound after an upgarde, but one article mentioned a similar issue, on a dell Studio as well. I didn't follow all the isntructions, just went to the end to verify if the last step would get things fixed, and it did. And the solution was pretty simple, using Yast go to sound, on the bottom right click on other and volume. Make sure PCM is up I had it at 100%, and under other channels front needs to be up. and that's it. What puzzles me is what's the use of the volume control on the taskbar? just decoration or what? Anyhow a simple prolem and luckly a simple solution.