Saturday, October 31, 2015

Starting to lose my cool with my Chromebook

  It's now a little over a year since I started using my Acer C720.  It's been great, with the exception, that lately, it started crashing my tabs on a regular basis.  I upload/download photo's regularly, but it's becoming more difficult.  I start an upload on one tab, switch to another tab to continue editing my WordPress blog.  I check to see how my uploads are, the tab is re-loaded.  Ok fine, I go back to my WordPress editing tab, that get's reloaded as well.... It get's annoying after sometime, even though my blog post is saved as draft, I have to restart the upload, and now wait until it finishes.  I knew the 2 GB of RAM will be limiting, but thought it would be enough for a Chrome OS laptop, after all it's a browser OS.  Apparently it's not, even when I have swapping enabled.  It's becoming annoying, and I started thinking of selling this machine, and getting another cheap hardware and put Linux on it, heck I may as well keep the Windows10 or Windows 8.1 that comes with it.  In Hungary there are no chromebooks, if you find them (rarely) they are more expensive than lower end Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 mini laptop counterparts.  And after my prolonged use of this chromebook, I am starting to realize its limitations and annoyances.  Maybe if I had the 4GB version, I wouldn't face these problems, but the other limitation I bump into is the applications that I need.  I need some sort of normal photo workflow.  Where I can also read/see the EXIF info of pictures, while I did find apps, add-ons to read EXIF, it's still not what you can call a workflow.  I can't preview my images, star/sort them, edit if I need to then upload.
  Anyhow, this is just my rant as I am starting to really consider selling it, and getting my hands on another cheap hardware. I don't really need a big laptop, this form factor fits me perfectly.  But the OS will need to be a bit more than a browser.