Chrome OS applications

 I keep discovering new apps, and extensions, this is the list of my favorites, or at least the one's I use.

uBlock: Add blocking, a must have with all the annoying ads all over the place
Sidekick: This is an interesting extension. It tracks emails, and let's you know when recipients read the email you sent them.
LastPass: This is installed on all my browsers, work, home, OS X, linux and chrome OS, so all my passwords are available everywhere.
ChromeRemoteDesktop: Great for providing help, even using a chromebook.  Tested it today with my father in law, works great.

Google Docs I edit most of my docs online, using GoogleDrive
Word Online To check how documents look like in Word
SecureShell To connect to my other linux systems or RaspberryPI via SSH
LucidCharts For my simple diagramming needs
Pocket For collecting pages, articles to read later, I usually add what I find on my iPad, or during work for later reading
Evernote: My ultimate note application. I use it mostly for work, but I also have personal notebooks.  Great for to-do lists, and random work notes
LastPass: Password manager for today's so many complex passwords

Google's Photos Google's photo editor online
Picmonkey Collages, banners, and more creative photo editing that Google's photo's can't do
Spotify: To discover new music, and listen to something new all the time
Google Play Music: Perfectly covers my needs, with the free account